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Your child deserves the best chance possible to express health and their peak potential throughout life.  It’s your child’s nervous system that controls their amazing growth development – it controls the person they are and will grow to be.  To ensure optimal health, it’s imperative that their nervous system (brain, brainstem, and spinal cord) be working properly.

Life for the newborn depends on the preservation and healthy functioning of the brainstem and upper spinal cord.

-Abraham Towbin, MD (Harvard University)

Chiropractic is the best hope for your child’s nervous system to be free from interference.

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Your Infant:

The birth process can stress the head and neck, causing misalignments to interfere with normal brain to body communication.  In fact, a recent study stated that over 80% of infants had suffered trauma to their spine during birth. This trauma usually goes unnoticed until symptoms such as ear, nose and throat infections, asthma, colic, and delayed developmental milestones occur.

 Your Child:

Your child’s nervous system is growing at an amazing rate.  Bumps and falls can cause misalignments that interfere with this development.  Many parents don’t realize that these seemingly minor accidents can ultimately result in hyperactivity, allergies, asthma, bedwetting, or learning delays.

Your Adolescent:

Sports, bike falls, and improper backpack wear can also cause misalignments that cause persistent changes to their growing bodies.  Migraines, scoliosis, and “growing pains” have all been shown to be the result of imbalance between brain and body due to these misalignments.

 Chiropractic care for children begins in pregnancy. 

Dr. Ashley has a passion for prenatal and pediatric care and has worked with children of all ages, helping them be as healthy as possible.  Her studies include post-graduate training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association- which is reflected in her gentle touch and loving way with kids.

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The American Pregnancy Association states there are no contraindications to chiropractic through pregnancy. At AXIS Chiropractic, we use techniques that avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and lead to maximal comfort for the mother.

Structural Chiropractic care is not only safe, it is essential. Keeping an optimally functioning nervous system is vital- not only for the pregnant mother’s health and well-being, but for the growth and development of her baby in the womb

What are the benefits of chiropractic throughout pregnancy?

Chiropractic care helps women to be as healthy as they can be during pregnancy. Having your spine checked by a chiropractor ensures that your pelvis is sitting correctly to allow optimum room for your baby to grow and move.

A well functioning nerve system enables a mother to easily combat many of the hurdles of pregnancy. Often women learn to just accept pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, heartburn, shortness of breath, constipation, hemorrhoids, frequent urination etc, when in fact they don’t need to.

For more information on chiropractic care and complications of pregnancy such as breech birth, prolonged pregnancy times, infertility, please contact us or read more here


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Dr. Ronald Pero, PhD, Chief of Cancer prevention research at NYU, found that individuals who received long-term chiropractic care had a 200% stronger immune system than individuals who had never received chiropractic care.

Are you doing everything to ensure your child’s immune system is as strong as it can be?

Give your kids the healthiest start possible!

A simple checkup now may make a BIG difference for your children for the rest of their lives.  Call our office today to see if we can help your family reach optimal health.

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