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What’s a Structural Shift?

In healthcare, there are established normal values for many things. There’s a standard for normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, and normal vision. It doesn’t mean that we expect everyone to have a PERFECT measure, but there’re healthy ranges for people depending on their age and situation.





Could your problems be the result of a structural abnormality of the spine?





At AXIS Chiropractic, we are looking for a significant three-dimensional shift of the spine away from normal. If the head and neck shifts in 3 directions, it will cause the shoulders to twist, and the hips to shift forcing the entire spine out of alignment. These shifts will cause the muscles to spasm, the ligaments to deform, and disrupt the NERVES traveling down the spinal cord.

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The primary condition that we work with is called the Atlas Displacement Complex or commonly called atlas subluxation.




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